We spend every Day In Product and, along the way, help you to achieve your product objectives

We’re seasoned product managers, life partners and best friends Petr and Lucie.

Over last decade we spent countless days working on products big and small, in emerging startups and respected corporates alike. We learned all what we know from being in the trenches, facing good and bad every single day.

Today we work with companies and individuals who are wanting to elevate their product game, sharing our experience, stories and passion.

We focus on Three cornerstones to evolve your product game

Get yourself a buddy who will help you navigate challenges of day to day operations in product management.

Need immediate support, whether it’s a product manager, strategist, or director? Our expertise enables us to understand your challenges quickly and provide fast results.

Gain fresh insights and seasoned suggestions for your product or business problem. We’re here to offer guidance and perspectives drawn from a wealth of experience.

We'll help you make the leap and improve your product management situation

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