Product Mentoring

Are you ready to leap forward in your product management career?

Do you feel that you’re missing product expertise and does the ever-present impostor syndrome kick in?

Never mind! We’re here to help.

Whether you’re completely new to the field of product management or have a few wins under your belt and aim to climb higher, our product mentoring and coaching sessions are your secret weapons for success.

With over a decade of experience in product management, we’ve seen it all. We’ve worked for companies big and small, from startups to respected corporations, and have learned everything we know from countless days in the product field.

With our Product Mentoring service, you will get a product buddy who possesses extensive knowledge and has one goal in mind – to make you a better product manager. From technical understanding and leadership skills to clear communication at all levels, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Product Mentoring service perfect for?

Junior Product Managers

you recently entered the profession and are seeking advice on how to excel in your role and make a significant impact in their companies

Mid-Level Product Managers

you have some experience but are looking to advance your career to senior role and need strategic guidance on leadership, influence, and advanced product strategies

Women in Product Management

woman in product who are seeking support and advice from other women who have navigated the unique challenges of advancing in a field that is still predominantly male

Transitioning Professionals

you are looking to transition from a different role or industry into product management and require an understanding of the core competencies and cultural fit

What are the benefits of having a mentor?

Accelerated Learning

Tap into years of experience to fast-track your learning.

Skill Refinement

Identify and enhance the skills you need to succeed as a product manager.

Goal Setting

Set and reach strategic, long-term goals with expert guidance.

Enhanced Motivation

Mentor is a buddy who believes in you and is dedicated to your success.

Candid Feedback

Benefit from unbiased advice and constructive feedback to grow.

Product Mentoring brings to your career

Bridge the Knowledge Gap

Transition seamlessly from theory to practice with a seasoned product manager by your side.

Our mentors have navigated complex product life cycles, mastered cross-functional team dynamics, and excelled in user-centric design.

With their guidance, you’ll bridge the gap between learning and doing.

Customized Career Roadmap

Achieve your professional dreams with a personalized development plan crafted by your mentor.

From setting SMART goals to expanding your network, to dry-runs for 1-1 meetings, to finding a proper voice and tone for handling difficult situation.

Your mentor will provide the tools and support you need every step of the way.

Support And Personal Growth

Your mentor isn’t just a guide; they’re your dedicated ally.

Celebrate victories, learn from setbacks, and evolve your goals with a partnership built on commitment and shared objectives.

Experience personal and professional growth rooted in a cooperation with a person who fits your personal type and becomes your true buddy.

Is Mentorship Right for You?

  • Book Your Introductory Session

    We'll talk about your career goals and challenges to find the right expert for you.

  • Engage with Your Expert

    Get to know your expert with no strings attached, gain immediate insights and suggestions how to proceed further.

  • Get a Quote for Your Mentoring Path

    Whether you're seeking a one-time strategy session or a year-long guided journey, we ensure that the investment in your mentoring path aligns with your aspirations.

  • Kickstart Your Journey

    Start working together with regular check-ins, making sure we're staying on track as we progress.

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